Germanys Next Top-Model Finals 2017 - THE CALIFORNICATION
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Germanys Next Top-Model Finals 2017

It was the 25th of May 2017 and I was live at the German Programm “ Pro7″ for Germanys Next Top-Model Finals 2017 with HEIDI KLUM.

No this time I wasn’t there to show something that I wore at the red carpet, I was there to show something that I can – DANCE!

As I already mentioned a few times ago, I startet to dance a „few“ years ago and this was also the reason because THE CALIFORNICATION is called today THE CALIFORNICATION. Dancing is one of my expressions to stay alive, besides the passion for fashion and photography of course…

I had the most beautiful experience in the last 2 days of focussing in one thing in my life which I really adore. I had the honor of sharing the stage with the German Popstar Helene Fischer under the direction of the Dance Agency NT TEAM from Nikeata Thompson. Thank you for believe in us.

I enjoed this choreography „HERZBEBEN“. Choreography by India Rischko.


I thank you for this amazing 3:26 minutes of art.


Now watch the performance and if you are still searching the Italian guy with his american blog, you can find him on the left bottom of the pyramide 😉




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